Founders Day Celebrations 2010


‘Let them eat cake …..’


Something a little different this year (tailored for another year of recessionary spirit, because there is no bread……let them eat cake!). We are keeping going on a wing and a prayer as the hard times roll, and we hope you will approve and support our approach to celebrating!

And, we did make a DAY of it. These were the basic elements of it -

  • A BRING OR BUY CAKE SALE (or even bring & buy): Coffee, tea and mulled fruit juice was on offer all day from 11 am - 4 pm, and a delicious cake stall! More than 20 cakes, cupcakes and mince pies were on offer, and were sampled by all - still leaving a few for our next-day craft and teaching groups. Slightly more than £200 was gained for our housekeeping funds.

Thanks to everyone who contributed, including those who could not attend, but sent in donations anyway!

  • EVEN IN THIS PLACE: Book launch for our latest publication: The Rev John Horner signed more than 75 copies on the day, and gave a delightful introduction to a packed room of admirers.
  • ARTISTS IN CORNWALL ON-LINE: The launch of the new web-based archive, relating to the world the stories of painters, ceramists, sculptors and craftsmen who have worked from Cornwall.

Designed by Nick Harpley of Digital Peninsula Network, funded by George Bednar and developed by the Hypatia Trust for the benefit of the West Cornwall Art Archive.

You can access the new website by clicking here. Better still, if you are a Cornish artist or know one, please submit details at add new artist info.