The Hypatia Trust was formed to collect, and make available, published and personal documentation about the achievements of women in every aspect of their lives. Central to activities has been the care, development and re-distribution of the Hypatia Collection, a unique set of sub-collections of books, artefacts, and archives, by and about women.

Created initially to oversee a major collection of women’s literature now placed on permanent loan to the University of Exeter, the Hypatia Trust has extended its interests to a wide and international range of educational engagements and partnerships.

Important to the Trust’s activities has been the will to make available – through research, publication and exhibition – the worthwhile achievements of women, so often overlooked, and even suppressed in written histories. 

Its educational activities focus on issues that affect women in families, community and society, and on the continuing need for documentation and support to their concerns.


  • To maintain, develop and protect in perpetuity the Hypatia Library (of Collections), which focuses on the literary, artistic and scientific works of women and their contributions to society and culture.

  • To further the contribution of women, through civic and community activity, to their societies both nationally and internationally.

  • To provide the means and facilities through which women can enhance their cultural and academic achievements and can address gender inequality in their working lives.