Two new additions to the Elizabeth Treffry Collection.

'Granite Land'. by Jenny Leathes, a photographic study of the granite of Cornwall, showing, in detail and up close, the beauty of the bones of the land. Granite is everywhere we look here in Cornwall, but Jenny's photos make us look at it again, and let us recognise its intricate and complicated beauty. We have copies of the book for sale in our online shop (for those who have not had a chance to buy it). The second addition to the collection is a charming children's book by Jenny Steele Scolding. 'Percy Pengelly and the wibble-wobble' is a cute story of a Cornish ex-tightrope walker who is searching for the perfect next job. He finds it, and his adventures on his first day of work will delight children everywhere. Delightfully illustrated by Andy McPherson. Copies of this book will soon be available in shops throughout Cornwall.