Jenny Leathes, photographer and artist, died on April 12.

It is with great sadness that we report the death of Jenny Leathes. Jenny was an extraordinary woman, talented, vibrant, courageous and an inspiration to all who knew her. Our thoughts and prayers go to her family and all those who were close to her. When it became obvious that her cancer was winning the battle, and that she did not have much time left, Jenny decided to bequeathe all her archives and remaining work to the Hypatia Trust, so that her work would find a suitable home. We plan an exhibition of her work for next spring, as a memorial tribute to her and the amazing life that she led. We also have her book, 'Granite Land' in our online bookshop for any who have not yet had the opportunity to acquire a copy. Jenny's driving curiosity and attitude of wonder at the world around her took her on many journeys and she has recorded the sights and intricacies of that world in her work. We will all miss her and her talent for seeing the world in a new and exciting way. Her studies of Dartmoor are unprecedented, and her skill with the camera is a gift for all of us. Rest in Peace, Jenny - You done good.