Granite Land

An Exhibit of Photographs by Jenny Leathes, ARPS, MA 1960-2014 Saturday, March 14- March 28, 10 am-4pm Helston Museum Jenny Leathes was an extraordinary woman with a passion for life and all it offered. She was a mountaineer, skier, sailor, cyclist and marathon runner, and a photographer with a drive to document the world around her. Her photos of granite in Cornwall, along The Tinner's Way, and elsewhere are a testament to her keen eye for detail in the world she chose to live in.

Her body of work includes her documentation of the River Dart from its source to outflow, as well as the studies of lichens and vegetation on Dartmoor.

Jenny died last year, after a long battle with cancer, and this exhibit is both a memorial to her life, and a tribute to her passion for recording her world.

Come and view this exhibit, view it with wonder, and capture a little of the essence of her work. We hope it will inspire everyone to see the world with new eyes, to absorb a little of the sense of wonder with which she explores the landscapes of her life.

You done good, Jenny. Rest in peace.

Jenny bequeathed her archives to the Hypatia Trust, and we at the Trust are privileged to sponsor this exhibit as a personal and professional tribute to a master of her art.

'Granite Land' by Jenny Leathes can be found in the Hypatia Bookshop.