Khadra Galaal, Gynaecological Oncologist at The Royal Cornwall Hospital.


What do you consider your greatest achievement?

My biggest achievement is becoming a gynaecological oncology surgeon. 

What motivates you to do what you do?

Making an impact in people's lives motivates me, I want to do the best I can, help my patients and inspire the next generation of women doctors.

What do you owe your mother?

I owe my mother everything. She is the reason I went to medical school, she grew up in a very traditional and religious family where women were expected to marry and education was for boys. She made sure all my sisters were university graduates and successful career women. she would tell us 'don't be like me, I was lucky, your father is a good man, others are not so lucky'. 

Which women inspire you and why?

Hilary Clinton, not for the obvious reasons of being first lady and secretary of state but for having such a courage to get up and try after disastrous failures. I admire those who can get up and carry on despite obstacles and failures.

What are you reading?

These days I am mostly reading medical journals for my research projects. When I am relaxing a read a good crime novel. 

What gender barriers have you had to hurdle?

Not sure if there were many barriers, I learnt fairly quickly that I had to work harder and for longer than most of my male colleagues. I like to think of it as an advantage, it made me excel in my profession

How can the world be made a better place for women?

By supporting education for young girls in third world countries, there are barriers to education in most non-European countries. education improves lives and lift communities from poverty, it also leads to smaller family sizes and that can only be good :)

Describe your perfect day?

My perfect day is a sunny day at the beach, any of the beaches around here are just sublime.

We've noticed there really arent many (if any) statues of women around Cornwall - who would you see remembered? 

Professor Lora Fleming is the Director of the European Centre for Environment and Human Health and Chair of Oceans, Epidemiology and Human Health at the University of Exeter Medical School

Miss Khadra Galaal joined Royal Cornwall NHS Trust in 2012 as a consultant Gynaecological Oncologist. She qualified in medicine from Dundee University in 1992 and after specialty training in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, with subspecialty training in Gynaecological Oncology at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Gateshead.
She completed accredited fellowship in Gynaecological Oncology and was appointed as a consultant in Gateshead 2007. and since then, in addition to developing techniques in radical cytoreductive surgery for ovarian cancer, she has developed laparoscopic radical surgery and surgery in women with high BMI. She has been an accredited Colposcopist since 2007.
She has numerous peer reviewed publications/reviews/chapters in the field of gynaecological oncology. Current research and clinical interests include the impact of obesity on the surgical management of ovarian and endometrial cancer, alternatives to transfusion in cancer surgery, and evidenced based practice.

With thanks to Sadie Mitchell for nominating Khadra.