Elizabeth Treffry Collection surveyed ...

Curating the Elizabeth Treffry Collection April 2012: 'New beginnings' are our watchwords as the spring months arrive.

In January of this year Dr Tehmina Goskar accepted the post of Honorary Curator of the Cornish collection of the Hypatia Trust. As friends and associates, who were with us at its Opening party in 1996 know, the collection is named for the 15th century Lady of Place in Fowey, the ancestral home of the Treffry family of Cornwall.

In a few short months, we are now in a position to make known our plans for ensuring the future of this Collection as a focal point for telling the history of women in our county, the stories that are unknown generally and glossed over often. The neglect is understandable in a region known for its long-standing poverty and traditional dependency upon the leading male occupations of mining, fishing, and farming, though women have always taken a part.

Help us to reveal more about the outstanding women who have also built this 'nation' of Cornwall. Keep watch on this blog below and get ready for our campaign website ---- coming soon at a computer near you.


You can also download a copy of the report.