In the Gift of Gay

Waterlolour by Gay Sagar-Fenton
Waterlolour by Gay Sagar-Fenton

The interests and artistry of the late Gay Sagar-Fenton were celebrated by some of her Hypatia Trust friends with an impromptu show of watercolours.

In aid of Shelterbox, her favoured charity, the Trust held an open house over two afternoons -

Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd September 2012 at Trevelyan House.

On this occasion, the Trust asked Gay's friends, associates, and interested visitors to cast a vote to select two of her paintings for the Permanent Collection of Women's Art, being established by the Trust as a gift for Cornwall.

A member of the Jamieson Library, Newmill, home of the Trust since its initiation in 1986, Gay's art work was always of interest to Curator of its collections, Melissa Hardie. Gay attended an early book-arts seminar held at the Library, and from that meeting they became personal friends.

It was with special pleasure that in her final years, Gay attended Art for the Blind workshops when they were held at Trevelyan House, where she was a lively and popular member. Gay threw herself into assisting community life in many directions as her recent Cornishman obituary recorded (23rd August 2012).