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Discover the App of inspiration:Words in Air ~ Poetry in Place 20th May in The App Store!

Update for National Poetry Day, October 2014:  App also features Cornish poets.  New poetry group forming for 2015 at Trevelyan House, Penzance and online - please be in contact if you are interested in joining, locally or from a distance. Download a PDF demonstration of this app.

Words in Air App

What do the following places have in common? Westminster Bridge, The White Horse at Westbury, a village in County Antrim, a Hampstead garden, the Tring Zoological Museum, a street in Hammersmith, the Outer Hebrides, Pearson Park in Hull, a quiet stretch of Suffolk coast, The National Gallery in Trafalgar Square, an uninhabited island in Ireland's Lough Gill, a former mill in Yorkshire, a farm in Fyfe, a cottage in Felpham, West Sussex, a station stop in Gloucestershire called Adlestrop . . .

Each of these places inspired a poet. Words in Air is a new app that offers you a unique way into poetry: poetry-in-place, in the palm of your hand. Enjoy a poem instantly, on the very spot which sparked its creation. Discover new poems -- and poets. Re-discover familiar places through a poem. See which poem was inspired by a place nearest to you, across the UK. Stand in the place where these poets stood, and gain a deeper insight into the poem, and the place. Words in Air will pinpoint the place for you that sparked each poem. Visit, virtually and for real, to gain a deeper understanding of the creative process, through the revealing relationship between poetry and place.

You can also access all the poems from this digital anthology of over 50 poems by 29 poets, from wherever you happen to be. Find out more about each poet. Click on a relevant website to further explore their work, and/or the place.

Words in Air is a project that's just beginning. We plan to update the App with more poems, so that more places of inspiration will soon be within your reach. Whether you're planning a trip to, or within the UK, returning home, or an armchair traveller, tap into brilliant contemporary and classic poems any time, any place.

Words in Air is a map of inspiration thanks to these poets: Fleur Adcock, Julia Bird, William Blake, Charlotte Bronte, Andy Brown, Alan Brownjohn, John Burnside, Caroline Carver, Helen Dunmore, Anne-Marie Fyfe, John Greening, Jenny Hamlett, David Harsent, Judith Jedamus, Alan Jenkins, Judith Kazantzis, John Keats, Daljit Nagra, Sean O'Brien, Peter Redgrove, Robin Robertson, Fiona Sampson, Penelope Shuttle, Angela Stoner, George Szirtes, Edward Thomas, William Wordsworth, W.B. Yeats, Tamar Yoseloff.

Created by Shearsman poet Alice Kavounas, expert app developer John Kennedy (Pocket Universe), and leading designer Mike Murphy.

Contact Alice Kavounas: alicejuno@btinternet.com .