Taking Space

'Taking Space' is a group of women artists based in St Ives, and the Hypatia Trust was pleased to welcome them to the Meeting Place in Chapel Street. Mary Fletcher, the founder of Taking Space says, "The group was started to provide an opportunity for women artists to exhibit their work as a collective, and to encourage women to further their work in a supportive way."

It is a very democratic group with no selection committee, a system which gives the artists room to develop and progress. Belonging to the group helps to restore confidence to women who may have had to put aside their art for reasons of family or work commitments.

Jacky Pritchard of the Trust says, "I am happy to assist with the group's exhibition as it is a group which shares Hypatia's commitment to women's creativity and the ongoing development of art and education throughout life." Apart from encouraging mature artists, the group offers young women artists the opportunity to work and exhibit alongside experienced artists. Consequently, the group's works show great diversity of style and media resulting in varied and exciting exhibitions.

Although they are used to exhibiting as a group, their works are all highly individual and marked by a distinct difference of view.

Artists taking part were: Christine Allen, Helen Atkins, Greta Brett, Jane Beecroft, Mary Fletcher, Ann Stevens.