Who Are the Scary Little Girls? 1st November, 7.30pm

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We are pleased to welcome Rebecca Mordan to talk to us about the feminist theatre production company Scary Little Girls!

Doors open 7pm for a 7.30pm start.

'Scary Little Girls' is a feminist production hub with a passion for stories that are little known, historically or culturally excluded, or told from one perspective only.

Rebecca Mordan is a hugely talented performer with a wealth of humour, song and stories. and here she delves into the company’s past and current projects: 'Greenham Women Everywhere', 'The Mitford Sister talks', 'Salon du Chocolat', 'Salon du Cinema', 'The Full Bronte' and pub quiz cabaret 'It’s Your Round,' and discusses their relevance to women and their popularity with diverse audiences. A Cornish and London-based company, 'Scary Little Girls' employs around 100 artists annually, and reaches live audiences of 25,000, collaborating with venues from Penzance to Edinburgh. It actively creates jobs for women and shares skills for the benefit of the artistic and wider community.


Please book a seat via Eventbrite.

Tickets are standard £5 or £2.50 concession for students and the unwaged, etc.